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We are a family run business, specialising in Volvos of the 60's and 70's.We courier new and used parts all over the world, and are constantly developing new parts to keep the classic Volvo driver (sic?) up to speed.In our workshop we can do everything from disc skims & MoT work, to complete suspension upgrades & engine rebuild.
We drive (and rally) our cars daily, and have the personal and up-to-date knowledge and information to make driving a classic Volvo a pleasure.

Whether you need parts, advice or an engineer,

Rob & Emma will help.

1st February 2016
Focussed progress at the workshop
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24th January 2016
Amazons, and a Saab...
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11th January 2016
Into the New Year
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8th December 2015
Lands End to Johno'Groats LEJoG - Volvo 1-2
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28th November 2015
Camel handed over - P1800 knocks sorted - PV544 competing - Trials P1800Special
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17th November 2015
Production Car Trial - yet another form of motorsport!
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13th November 2015
More Amazons
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6th November 2015
RotT into Day1: Andy Lane (Volvo 130) lying 3rd overall
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5th November 2015
Rally of the Tests - Prelude (9 Volvos in 79 entries!)
Full Story >>
2nd November 2015
Road Springs: A cutting from the forum - courtesy of Mathew in the USofA
Full Story >>
1st November 2015
Camel running again - PV544 competing - trailer sailers
Full Story >>
11th October 2015
Portugal - Bentleys - BrakeAdjusters
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1. Rally of the Tests 2013: Rob & Amy Henchoz
2. London-CapeTown Rally, 2012: Richard Atherton & Rob Henchoz
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5. Emma's 121 in winter
6. Rob's 142 being driven by the Winters, Targa Rusticana