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Posted 24 02 2014

Volvo 142 shell: £600 - SOLD to DavidB

  • My Volvo LHD 142 bare shell is for sale, for restoration: I haven't got around to doing anything with it in 10y, so it must go to a caring home now.
    • I would say the easiest mobilisation is to buy a donor 140 and build up from scratch - it's such a good shell to start with.
  • I suspect this car never saw road use, quite possibly being in competition from purchase, for a short while!
  • I have the full build details, supplied by Volvo Sweden, so identity is not in question.
  • It has the late type transmission tunnel, ie the remote gearshift
  • Both doors have all glass included.
  • Coachwork needed
    • Both top front gutter corners have been crumpled
    • RH scuttle top has an area of corrosion, to be cut out and made good.

Posted 02 10 2013

PV544 B18 for sale: £9,000

The car is rust free,it won best Volvo at the N.E.C a few years
ago after a total restoration.There is a photographic record of restoration.
The car is fitted with a full stainless exhaust,I have fitted twin S.U carbs
and inlet manifold,the carbs have been completely overhauled and new air
filters fitted.Engine has rear crank oil seal modification.
The radiator is a 3 core new unit.Engine is perfect no noises or smoke.
I have just fitted a new twin system master cyl,front brake cyls,brake
shoes and hoses.
The Volvo is taxed and M.O.T,d April 2014
The only items I want from the car is the 2 Hella inboard spots,I will
leave the outers and brackets.
Now the difficult bit! I would be looking for offers in the region of
My Tel No. is 01207 549685 or if further info req.

Posted 06 06 2013

Amazon Wanted
I am looking for an Amazon as a second car daily runner. I have about £4000 to £5000 to spend. I would prefer 4 door and if it had twin carbs and overdrive that would be nice too, oh and my favourite colour is red but hey ! If you hear of anything please let me know. I’m in no rush but would like to have something by the end of the summer. Many thanks   Tony O’Callaghan  ( tel 07753611534 email: )   ps I live in London

Posted 02 05 2013

Volvo Amazon 121 1964 (late) LHD SWEDISH IMPORT £2300

B18 single carb engine 
I bought this car in 2012 as a project. MOT until December 2013 

The car is not in the best shape but then again the price reflects this. It is a good project for the right person, unfortunately I have been made redundant and no longer have the money to work on it.
The condition
The doors are rusted on both sides at the bottom, probably due to water in the doors not being drained, this is common on the Amazon as owners don't always know they need to do that. 
The front is fine all body parts are in good condition 
The rear is not so good,
The interior is probably the best bit, upholstery is in good order bolts and screws on seat don't seem to be all matching but nothing major.
It has the split on a the dashboard like all Amazon's 
The engine has a pinging noise and needs to be looked at but its works. 
There is a little dent on the rear bumper overrider but chrome on bumpers is in good condition Tiny dent on the windscreen 
Carburator may need a rebuilt, leaking on manifold 
The things that need to be changed now are : 
Clutch needs to be replaced, the master cylinder is leaking, brake cylinder is leaking 
Needs new rear brakes shoes and new rear suspensions 

What has been changed recently: 
Front bushes 
Front suspensions (koni classic) 
New Air filter 
New Engine mounts 
New Dynamo 
New ignition barrel/key 

This is a good base for the keen enthusiast mechanic. It is not a bad car it just needs more attention and money than I have, for the right person at this price it could be a cheap runner for the summer.
The car had 3 owners before me. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by phone or email 
Open to offers 
John Teyssier