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Posted 17 8 2015

1965 Volvo Amazon for sale : £6750
FOR SALE on behalf of Customer 

1965 Volvo Amazon 2 door. 1800cc on twin SU carbs 4 speed box with overdrive on 4th 
Rear cage
Brantz Pro2 trip 
Map light Nav 
foot rest. 
New front panel and bumper ( over £1000 ) Billstein shocks all round Up-rated springs front and rear. 
New brakes inc front pads, rear shoes, hoses, servo and master cylinder. Calipers have just been overhauled. 
Sump and fuel tank guards 
Six Minilite style alloy wheels 
MOT Oct 2015 Road tax free 
Ideal long distance rally car Marathon, Winter Challenge, Le Jog, ROTT, etc. 
Class awards on last 3 Rally of the Tests. or HRCR championship. 
Good Value at £6750 ono 
Viewing at Maulden Garage Bedfordshire. 01525 862877

Posted 22 5 2015

142 (LHD) 1971: £5,000 Sold
We bought this car off Stein Johnsen last year, and drove it back from Sweden, that is to say as far as Hamburg where the timing gears let go!

Which is why we've taken the opportunity to raise the spec from B20A to our road rally spec motor.

The car will be MoT'd and registered legally in the UK before sale.

Undersides are absolutely superb, which is exactly why we like to buy our cars from Sweden (they only recently started salting the roads in Southern Sweden, Northern still doesn't since it's too cold, which means the shells are usually far better quality than UK cars).

We checked on the internet today, which reckons there are only 8 taxed or SORN'd in the UK, ie rather more rare than the McLaren.
1971 gives you the best of the bunch: it's still light (1973 the car put on more than 100kg), the engine has the big valve head, it has the remote gearshift, and the big-core 240 style radiator.
From a competition point of view this is the best of the OHV cars, although conceivably a nice P1800 could be built to be more competitive on smooth rallies.

Engine spec (we are currently having the block and crank machined) shall be...
  • Big valve head, twin spring valves
  • 280 camshaft, and associated tubular pushrods
  • Lightened flywheel
  • Neoprene front & rear crankseals
  • Twin SU's
  • 2" sports exhaust system
The gearbox is the K9 M40, and the tyres are... I'll check on that!

Posted 21 4 2015

Volvo P1800e £20990

With great reluctance I am selling my P1800e. It's an excellent example of the marque. The car was privately owned for over 20 years and serviced at Volvo and at marque special Amazon Cars with the last service being completed in April 2015 at a cost of £670.

Amazon Cars have upgraded the suspension [2012] and rebuilt the engine as new [2014], converting the heads to take unleaded fuel in the process.These upgrades are invoiced in excess of £10000.

The car has an exceptional provenance including original handbooks and 40 years of service records. These include the original manuals and extensive service from Volvo Main dealerships; and the suspension and engine upgrades from Amazon Cars. Both Rob & Emma know the car and can verify its condition and quality.

The underneath was Dinitrol treated by a Bentley specialist in 2014 who described the structure as exceptionally solid and this was verified by the latest MoT test which has no adverse advisory comments.

The interior upholstery and door cards and handles were all restored by a classic car specialist trimmer in 2014.

The car is advertised for sale elsewhere and I reserve the right to withdraw from sale .

The pictures below were taken within the last week and the tyres and Minilites are branded Good Year and genuine new Minilites. The original Rostyles with new tyres are also available with the car on sale.

I have owned this car twice and it's only being sold to help find the purchase of a Jaguar E-type. If it doesn't sell I will not be heartbroken!

This is a genuine sale of one of the best p1800's in the world. It's not the cheapest but it is one of the very best. 
I looked for 12 years before buying this car and know that they an are appreciating asset in the classic car market.
My car is available for viewing in at Percival Motor Company 01622 851841 ask for Simon Percival

Posted 19 1 2015

Volvo Amazon Estate: £8500
1966 Volvo Amazon Estate. It is in good running order and comes with a mountain spares. 6 engines of various types, many axles, wheels, overdrive gearboxes, seat trim, in fact a caravan full of stuff.  For the whole package:£8,500. 

For More Information please contact :
George Moore, South Lincolnshire 01780 410169,

Posted 19 12 2014

Volvo 144, automatic. For Sale: £2,500 - SOLD
Volvo 144, 1971

Taxed & Tested to December 2015
125,000 miles, so it's now run-in and probably at its best.

Pale grey paint, with that terrific combination of a red interior.
Automatic transmission, with the rather lovely column shift and its correctly working dash indicator.

This car is truly delightful, both dynamically on the road and also structurally: take a look behind the front trim and you'll see a completely unmessed car; even the engine bay is a clean delight.
The enthusiast will want to titivate a couple of tiny patches of bubbling, to make it a headturner and keep it in top condition.

Whilst this is a delicious car as it is, the shell is so good that it would also make the perfect historic rally car should you incline that way.
Particularly so since (much like 1967 Amazon) this is the best of the 3 eras of the 140: it's still light (the later plastic grilled facelift gained over a 100kg in side impact protection).
It's a better shell than our London2CapeTown 144, and puts one in mind of a competitive outing on the Peking2Paris run, or similar.

Contact Rob or Emma at Amazon Cars
01379 388400