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Posted 26 8 2016

Beautiful Amazon 1964
Beautiful Prize winning 1964 Amazon

Please contact Sonia,
Price guide £20,000 including lots of spares.

Posted 20 04 2016

PV544Sport 1965: 19000Euros

Car restored over the last 2 years,approx. 300 miles since then!
engine 2,2l with Mahle pistons,light flywheel,clutch,R-Sport steel cam gears,large valves/ported
everything in the engine is new!Gearbox reconditioned as well.
Propshaft reconditioned.
Front and rear axles completely reconditioned/powder coated,
All polybushes!
Disc brake conversion,Amazon rear brake with balancer.
New 2 1/2" exhaust,new sports manifold.
New Webers,alternator,alloy radiator,new set Kronprinz wheels bought by me in 1983,now fitted with new tyres 1st time!
New tank,new stainless steel bumpers,new windscreen,all glass is coloured!
Rolling road says 131.5 HP at the flywheel.
Complete new light blue interior,carpet,dashboard restored.
Battery,windscreen wipers,too many parts to list!
The paintwork is solid and could be rubbed down and polished to bring to it a very high standard,if somebody wants that!
It is always more important to me what is under the paint!
King pins and tie rods and anything moveable at the axles new.
Reconditioned ZF steering box.
I have never looked at the money!!
The car could benefit from a new headlining!
Still first sills,expensive rustfree doors fitted from USA!
The car had been subject to an extensive body repair in 1986,it then stood in a dry garage for 28 years!
My intention was always to have a 544 whick looks perfectly original from the outside
and is very fast!The rolling road shows 132HP at the flywheel now,the engine still fresh with 300 miles!

If prepaid the car can be transport to cost to Calais or Hook of Holland!
Contact Helmut email:

Posted 21 4 2015

Volvo P1800e £20990

Posted 19 1 2015

Volvo Amazon Estate: £8500
1966 Volvo Amazon Estate. It is in good running order and comes with a mountain spares. 6 engines of various types, many axles, wheels, overdrive gearboxes, seat trim, in fact a caravan full of stuff.  For the whole package:£8,500. 

For More Information please contact :
George Moore, South Lincolnshire 01780 410169,