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PV544 Sport
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Amazon Sumpguard
Bikini Sumpguard
  • OE Metallastic bushes
  • Polyurethane bushes (Superflex): improved handling; reduced noise & vibration; longer life.
  • Shock absorbers
  • Road Springs
  • Road tyres
  • Competition tyre

Amazon Sumpguards

Full sumpguard: built to Volvos original homologated drawings from the sixties, these offer serious protection, while permitting access to the steering adjustment, oil drain and gearbox drain/fill. In addition the exhuast downpipe is protected, and the rearmost cutouts have inclined plates to avoid getting ploughed debris compacting above the guard. It is located by brackets and bolts beneath the radiator crossmember, at the main x-member, and to the floor pan.


Bikini sumpguard: alloy designed to deform under heavy impact, protecting the sump and gearbox. It's located by 4 bolts to the main crossmember, then 2 bolts at the gearbox x-member. Both front and rear edges are inclined at 45° to avoid "ploughing" in deep mud.

Gislaved 165R15 Tyres
Maxsport 175/70R15 Tyres
120/1800 Front Poly bush set
120/180 Rear Poly bush set (early)
Road Spring (10% uprate)
Progressive road spring (-20mm)
Gas or Oil Shock Absorbers
PV twin s/absorber kit